Wednesday, 4 February 2009

So here's a couple of joints i copped off Itunes earlier on.

Ben Grymm & Shawn Jackson - Back In My World

Here's a 5 track EP in the form of a collaboration between North London producer Ben Grymm & L.A. emcee Shawn Jackson. If you're into UK Hip-Hop you'll know Ben fron his production with Braintax. And he also produced a track on Killah Priest's "The Offering" You should know who Shawn is by now. He had one of last years hottest LP's with "First Of All..." And the collaboration with Newman from Giant Panda as New Jack Hustle called "Soundcheck.


01. Back In My World
02. Talk to Me
03. BloodSweatNTears
04. Back In My World (instrumental)
05. Talk to Me (Instrumental)

Ben Grymm's MySpace:

Shawn Jackson's MySpace:

Trek Life & Oddisee - New Money: Oddisee Remixes

This is Trek Life's 2005 debut album "Price I've paid" remixed by dope producer Oddisee. Oddisee is one of the illest producers around in my opinion right now. This is a early digital release, the CD version with bonus tracks will be released in Spring '09. I posted a whole heap of Oddisee material a couple of pages back so make sure you peep that too.


01. Oddisee Intro
02. Black Music Feat. J. Bizness (Remix)
03. Hard Work Scratches By DJ Babu (Remix)
04. Hold Me Down Feat. Champ MC (Remix)
05. Big Picture Scratches By Kevin Sakoda (Remix)
06. Long Time Coming Feat. Ina Williams (Remix)
07. One Idea Feat. J. Bizness (Remix)
08. I'm Gone (Remix)
09. Still Here Feat. Silo (4) (Remix)
10. Price I've Paid (Remix)
11. Last Joint (Remix)
12. Enjoy Yourself (Remix)

Trek Life's MySpace:

Oddisee's MySpace:

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