Sunday, 12 July 2009

Long Time.....

It's been too long since I updated the blog. I've been real busy with a lot of stuff. But now that's out of the way I'll be getting this place going again in the next couple of days.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Qwel & Jackson Jones - Jump The Gun


01. Jump The Gun
02. Future Shock (Postmodernism With An Australian Accent)
03. Red C
04. Getting Over
05. Straight Edge
06. The CD Exchange
07. Magazine MCs
08. Envy Greens
09. See You When, I See You
10. The Fist Buff
11. Scholar Vomit

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Flying Lotus & Declaime - Whole Wide World EP


01. Whole Wide World Feat. Pattie Blingh
02. Whole Wide World (Instrumental)
03. Lit Up
04. Lit Up (Instrumental)
05. Keep it Moving (Instrumental)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Prisma - Prisma


01. All In The Hook Feat. El Da Sensei
02. Bird Of Liberty
03. Passion Flower
04. I Got Soul Feat. Amanda Diva
05. Hitotsu Ni Feat. Fat Jon
06. Change Feat. Aloe Blacc
07. Rainy Sunday Morning
08. Pushin Along Feat. Raashan Ahmad
09. Astrogate For Other Planet
10. Gone With The Songs
11. Spirit Of The Times
12. Zone Feat. Pismo
13. Ny To Jpn Feat. Brown Bag Allstars
14. Menina (Album Edit)


Question & Freddie Joachim - Study Guide


01. Autumn (Question)
02. A Maze (Freddie Joachim)
03. Earl Grey (Question)
04. Calm (Freddie Joachim)
05. Conte (Question)
06. Cool Down (Freddie Joachim)
07. Deedsy (Question)
08. Foolish (Freddie Joachim)
09. Sun Light (Question)
10. Shoulder Kiss (Freddie Joachim)
11. Rainy Day (Question)
12. Virgo (Freddie Joachim)
13. Spiked Punch (Question)
14. The Jade (Freddie Joachim)
15. Thanks Chuck (Question)
16. My Breakdown Lady (Freddie Joachim)
17. Sun Kiss (Freddie Joachim)

Link removed at the request of Freddie Joachim.


Friday, 10 April 2009


Dimlite is the main alias of musician/producer Dimitri Grimm, born 1980 in a tiny village in Switzerland, currently residing in Switzerland’s capital, Bern. With his father being a casual multi-instrumentalist and his grandfather a contemporary classical composer, the apple hadn’t had a big chance to fall far from the tree.

After releasing a first EP (A/DD, 2003) and two albums (Runbox Weathers, 2005 & This Is Embracing, 2006) on Berlin label Sonar Kollektiv and occasional touring with his liveproject he is currently finishing his third full-length, which will see light of day in spring 2009.

Dimlite - A/DD


01. Runindicator
02. Weakend Surcurls
03. Bad Rotation (Afterlude)
04. Generic Lo
05. Byrdshot And Bye
06. Nut-Knowers Axe (Afterlude)

Dimlite - Synonym4 / Sponsored By The Alphabet 12"


01. Synonym4 (Original)
02. Sponsored By The Alphabet (Original)

Dimlite - Back To The Universe / In Groups To The Hydrandd 12"


01. Back To The Universe Pt. 1 (The Slapped Eyeballers Remix)
02. In Groups To The Hydrandd (Runbox Edit)

*** The file name was too long on this file, which resulted in the last r in "rar" not being included in the title. Just add the "r" on to the end of the file and it will extract fine. ***

Dimlite - Runbox Weathers


01. Leave Seats
02. Poor Fire
03. Lueget (Interlude)
04. Back To The Universe Pt 1
05. October 27 03 Rain (Interlude)
06. When Devices Off
07. Aurora Stay Close (Interlude)
08. Backdoors Bustin
09. Affinity Strikes
10. Simple Stolen Foreverness (Interlude)
11. In Groups To The Hydrando (Album Edit)
12. Back To The Universe Pt 2
13. Four 5th Wheels (Interlude)
14. Exact Fingerpointing
15. Stormausfall (Interlude)
16. As We Arrive

Dimlite - This Is Embracing

01. Locked
02. Lullaby For Gastric Ulcer
03. Outernational Duet (With Gaby Hernandez)
04. 130 Seconds Glimpse (Interlude)
05. Hungeryears & Advanced Communication
06. Oh Star... (Interlude)
07. Sophisticated Youthpower (With Buddy Leezle)
08. Bougainvillea Chamber
09. Cosmic Echoes In The Mockery Room
10. The Way Blood Travels
11. Stairway To The Good Shredder (TSE Intermission)
12. Occasionally Touching Earth
13. Now Walk
14. Count Your Sunrises
15. Es Gschank

Dimlite - Remixes Of Carlos Nino & Flying Lotus


01. Hot Heavy Heat (Dimlites 'Hot Air And Thick Plastic Remix)
02. Re-finitum (Infinitum Auntie's Lock Remix)

Dimlite's MySpace

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Mr. Scruff & Roots Manuva - Nice Up The Function


01. Nice Up The Function (Remix) (Mr Scruff, Roots Manuva)
02. Nice Up The Function (Mr Scruff, Roots Manuva)
03. Nice Up The Function (Remix Instrumental) (Mr Scruff, Roots Manuva)
04. Nice Up The Function (Instrumental) (Mr Scruff, Roots Manuva)
05. Listen Up (Mr Scruff, Broke N English)
06. Listen Up (Instrumental) (Mr Scruff, Broke N English)

Mr. Scruff's website & MySpace

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Kan Kick - Beautiful: Opus Of Love Deeper Than Flesh

Just got this off Amazon earlier and I'm about 6 tracks into it. What I've heard so far is real good. Enjoy.


01. The Bomb Butterfly
02. Thursdays At The Good Life
03. Herb Honey
04. Black Women Candle Wax
05. This Is A World Export
06. Continued Togetherness
07. Pop Tunes, Morning Paper
08. Don't Lock My Heart Away
09. Shrooming Birds Morning Song
10. NightTime Beauty
11. Serenade The Outdoor Visitors
12. C'Mon Love, Let's Dance
13. Take My Hand
14. Warped Dayz
15. O.X. Coming At Ya
16. I'm Going to Take U Out To Dinner
17. Can't Escape Space (Love Quakes)
18. Enter The Inside (Yeah)
19. The Revelations Of Sadness
20. Westwinds Of Truism (For Otis)
21. The Tribes Chant


Blame One - Days Chasing Days

I've been looking forward to this for a long time. Blame's been one of my favourite's in the game for a while now. I just got through listening to this and it's lived up to what I was expecting. And the production is nuts too (You can't really go wrong with Exile, Oh No, Black Milk)


01. Supreme (Prod. By Black Sparx)
02. Perseverance (Prod. By Black Milk)
03. Street Astrologist (Prod. By Exile)
04. Bring It To You (Prod. By Kan Kick)
05. Wonder Why Feat. Blu And Exile (Prod. By Blu)
06. Disturbed Feat. Sean Price (Prod. By Exile)
07. Days Chasing Days Feat. Aloe Blacc And Beleaf (Prod. By Exile)
08. Sat Night Special (Prod. By Exile)
09. The Word To Say Feat. Johaz & Sha Dula (Prod. By Exile)
10. Official With It (Prod. By Black Sparx)
11. The Real Revolution (Prod. By Arkives)
12. Words (Prod. By Oh No)
13. More Fiyah Feat. Johaz & Coss (Prod. By G Rocka)
14. Blame Me (Prod. By Rath Khy)
15. Documentarian (Prod. By Exile)

Rocky Marsiano - Outside The Pyramid

Rocky Marsiano is a Hip-Hop producer from Lisbon, and his style fuses old 50’s jazz styles into blunted instrumental Hip-Hop beats, you know like early DJ Cam stuff, with vibrophone solos, occasional scratching, incredible jazzy melodies, moody pads, the swing bass, the guitar solos.


01. Where's My Heart At (Hip-Hop)
02. A Good Excuse
03. Echoes From The Pyramid
04. Another Sound Affair
05. The End Of Something
06. Break 'Em Off!
07. Rocky's Funk Anthem
08. Marsiano Strut
09. The Meeting
10. Kheop's Theme
11. Zum Zum Zum
12. Love And Happiness
13. Amstel Hustle
14. What Happened?