Saturday, 28 March 2009

Rocky Marsiano - Outside The Pyramid

Rocky Marsiano is a Hip-Hop producer from Lisbon, and his style fuses old 50’s jazz styles into blunted instrumental Hip-Hop beats, you know like early DJ Cam stuff, with vibrophone solos, occasional scratching, incredible jazzy melodies, moody pads, the swing bass, the guitar solos.


01. Where's My Heart At (Hip-Hop)
02. A Good Excuse
03. Echoes From The Pyramid
04. Another Sound Affair
05. The End Of Something
06. Break 'Em Off!
07. Rocky's Funk Anthem
08. Marsiano Strut
09. The Meeting
10. Kheop's Theme
11. Zum Zum Zum
12. Love And Happiness
13. Amstel Hustle
14. What Happened?



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David said...

Great album and great blog! Keep it up!