Saturday, 28 March 2009

Kan Kick - Beautiful: Opus Of Love Deeper Than Flesh

Just got this off Amazon earlier and I'm about 6 tracks into it. What I've heard so far is real good. Enjoy.


01. The Bomb Butterfly
02. Thursdays At The Good Life
03. Herb Honey
04. Black Women Candle Wax
05. This Is A World Export
06. Continued Togetherness
07. Pop Tunes, Morning Paper
08. Don't Lock My Heart Away
09. Shrooming Birds Morning Song
10. NightTime Beauty
11. Serenade The Outdoor Visitors
12. C'Mon Love, Let's Dance
13. Take My Hand
14. Warped Dayz
15. O.X. Coming At Ya
16. I'm Going to Take U Out To Dinner
17. Can't Escape Space (Love Quakes)
18. Enter The Inside (Yeah)
19. The Revelations Of Sadness
20. Westwinds Of Truism (For Otis)
21. The Tribes Chant


Blame One - Days Chasing Days

I've been looking forward to this for a long time. Blame's been one of my favourite's in the game for a while now. I just got through listening to this and it's lived up to what I was expecting. And the production is nuts too (You can't really go wrong with Exile, Oh No, Black Milk)


01. Supreme (Prod. By Black Sparx)
02. Perseverance (Prod. By Black Milk)
03. Street Astrologist (Prod. By Exile)
04. Bring It To You (Prod. By Kan Kick)
05. Wonder Why Feat. Blu And Exile (Prod. By Blu)
06. Disturbed Feat. Sean Price (Prod. By Exile)
07. Days Chasing Days Feat. Aloe Blacc And Beleaf (Prod. By Exile)
08. Sat Night Special (Prod. By Exile)
09. The Word To Say Feat. Johaz & Sha Dula (Prod. By Exile)
10. Official With It (Prod. By Black Sparx)
11. The Real Revolution (Prod. By Arkives)
12. Words (Prod. By Oh No)
13. More Fiyah Feat. Johaz & Coss (Prod. By G Rocka)
14. Blame Me (Prod. By Rath Khy)
15. Documentarian (Prod. By Exile)

Rocky Marsiano - Outside The Pyramid

Rocky Marsiano is a Hip-Hop producer from Lisbon, and his style fuses old 50’s jazz styles into blunted instrumental Hip-Hop beats, you know like early DJ Cam stuff, with vibrophone solos, occasional scratching, incredible jazzy melodies, moody pads, the swing bass, the guitar solos.


01. Where's My Heart At (Hip-Hop)
02. A Good Excuse
03. Echoes From The Pyramid
04. Another Sound Affair
05. The End Of Something
06. Break 'Em Off!
07. Rocky's Funk Anthem
08. Marsiano Strut
09. The Meeting
10. Kheop's Theme
11. Zum Zum Zum
12. Love And Happiness
13. Amstel Hustle
14. What Happened?



Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Kenlo - Craqnuques Orange

Here's the forth instalment of Kenlo's Craqnuques series. The other 3 are available, just use the search fuction and hit in "Kenlo"


Monday, 23 March 2009

Robust - Freelance Gynecologist


01. Dumb Motherfucker Intro
02. Full Of Shit
03. Vaginas
04. Freelance Gynecologist
05. It's About Time Feat. Bless And Prolyphic
06. Mullets Are Gay (Skit)
07. On My Own Mullet
08. Guess Again Feat. Seel And Prime
09. The Worlds Stupidest Bum
10. Something Is Wrong (Interlude)
11. Term Oil
12. Fighting Worlds Feat. Pugzlee, Prime And Lefty Dickens
13. Gordos Revenge
14. Last Remarks


Friday, 13 March 2009

Bullion - Young Heartache

This has got to be on of my favourite releases of 09 so far. Especially the first two tracks.


01. Young Heartache
02. Are You The One?
03. Time For Us All To Love
04. Long Promised

Link removed at the request of One-Handed Music


Thursday, 5 March 2009

Eligh & Jo Wilkinson - On Sacred Ground


01. Poet Man
02. By And By Feat. The Grouch
03. Honor Me Feat. Pigeon John
04. The Prayer
05. Sara
06. Embrace
07. Starchild Feat. The Grouch
08. Safe Feat. Slug & Pigeon John
09. Ocean Of Love
10. Angels
11. Praises
12. Sacred Ground


Blockhead - Sunday Séance / Jet Son 12"


01. Sunday Séance (Album Version)
02. Sunday Séance (Loka Remix)
03. Jet Son (Vocal Version) Feat. Aesop Rock & Camu Tao
04. Jet Son (Aesop Instrumental)

Blockhead's MySpace

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Theory Hazit - Hello Kiddeez 12"


01. Hello Kiddeez Feat. Kadja
02. Emit Gninrut (Turning Time)
03. T-Minus Ten
04. Hello Kiddeez (Instrumental)
05. Emit Grinrut (Turning Time) (Instrumental)
06. T-Minus Ten (Instrumental)

Theory Hazit's MySpace

Circulations And Jay Scarlett Present New Worlds

This album is a compilation that comes from Japanese record label Circulations, and Amp Soul Generation host, Jay Scarlett. The compilation was put together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the HMV Shibuya store - One of Japan's finest retailers in quality music.

01. Super Smoky Soul - Huge Magical Vision
02. Dorian Concept - Two Feet For You
03. Quadron - Come You Can Go
04. The Clonious - Valediction
05. SA-RA Creative Partners - Talk Sex
06. Take - Bouncing Cherries
07. Jay Scarlett Feat. Leon King - I Can't Help It
08. The Big Payback & Reggie B - New Worlds
09. Paul White - Design Centre
10. Busy - Light Curtain
11. Taz Buckfaster - Strike First (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
12. Ras_G & The Afrikan Space Program - Crenshaw And King
13. Super Smoky Soul & Guilty Simpson - Knockout Kings
14. Mono/Poly - For Progressive Minds