Saturday, 27 December 2008

L.E.G.A.C.Y. & DJ Flash - The NC Chainsaw Massacre

01. Intro (Produced By Soul Professa)
02. Off The Man Feat. K. Hill, Panama, G.A.T. (Produced By Khrysis)
03. Leatherface (Freestyle)
04. That Me Shit Feat. Sean Boog (Produced By Khrysis)
05. Heat Rises Feat. Kaze, Nervious Reck (Produced By Khrysis)
06. Bitch I'm A Star Feat. Joe Scudda, Chaundon, Median (Produced By 9th Wonder)
07. No Regrets Part 2 Feat. Lunatic Messiah, Spec Boogie, Dynas (Produced By K. Hill)
08. 4 Cornered Room (Produced By Khrysis)
09. Murder Lead (Freestyle)
10. The Underworld Part 2 (Produced By Soul Professa)
11. Riddler (Freestyle)
12. Man Next Door (Produced By Dox)
13. 14 Grams (Produced By Khrysis)
14. Fifty (Freestyle)

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Stevo - Another Space Odyssey

01. Intro
02. Neutron Star
03. Aurora
04. Sky And Diamonds
05. Solar Wind
06. Rise With The Sun
07. Too Much Nebula
08. Refracting Telescope
09. Alien Jazz Ensemble
10. Milky Way Driver
11. Druggy Astronaut
12. Evil Forces
13. Zodiac Collection
14. Sittin' On The Moon

Brother Dvooa - Mental Leakage

01. Intro
02. Honey, Honey
03. Moving Forward Feat Jimetta Rose
04. Everything
05. Spray Paint
06. HipHop Feat. BessKepp
07. Gonna Make It
08. I Wanna Dance Feat. Jimetta Rose
09. Bust Feat. Aloe Blacc
10. Cover Up Girl Feat. Branz
11. Love
12. Grandmother Appreciation
13. Break You Down Feat. Silo & Trek Life
14. Bullshit Feat. Triune
15. The Get Down Feat. HardWare
16. Outro
17. Cover Up Girl (Remix)

If you like the album make sure you support the artists and cop the CD. You can cop it at:

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Lord Finesse - Keep The Crowd Listening (DJ Premier Remix)

Taken from "Rare Selections EP Vol. 3" Only 300 of them have been pressed up And they are priced at $80 (Yikes) You can cop them here

Lord Finesse - Keep The Crowd Listening (DJ Premier Remix)

Keen Tokers Tracks

Keen Tokers are Budamunky. You might of heard his EP "Mokstrumentals Vol. 1" He's also collaborated with C.R.A.C Knuckles (Ta' Raach & Blu) And on the mic OYG & Joe Styles. They haven't dropped an album or EP yet. Here's some of there tracks. Make sure you check 'em out.


Keen Tokers - Club Scene
Keen Tokers - Knowledge
Keen Tokers - After Shock
Keen Tokers - Rich And Poor (Remix)
Keen Tokers - Keen Tokers
Keen Tokers - Who You Pray To

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Reach & Twelve - Corner Speech

I copped this from CD Baby first thing today and it's been on rotation a lot so far today.

Reach aka Stacy D. Smith is a breath of fresh air to the game. He utilizes what he calls blue-collar Rap, a more reality-based personable brand of Hip-Hop, to combat an industry saturated with propaganda. Reach has been writing rhymes since he was thirteen and has opened for acts such as The Roots, Big Daddy Kane, Kev Brown, Oddisee, Trek Life, Othello, P.O.S, Devin The Dude, Abyss (HBO Def Jam Poet), Sound Tribe Sector 9, Kindred The Family Soul, Pharcyde, Jeru The Damaja, Blackalicious, Soulive, and Heiruspecs. The album is soley produced by Twelve Who's from Copenhagen, Denmark.


01. Reach Out
02. Live And
03. Walk The Line
04. Dance In The Rain
05. Pretty Picture
06. KCI
07. Outreach
09. Feelin' It
10. Cold Outside
11. WhoIzzy
12. A Dream

Reach's MySpace:

Twelve's MySpace:

There's a link to the CD Baby page on Reach's MySpace so make sure you cop this if you're feelin' it.

Senz of Depth - Boundary Waters

Senz of Depth is Miles Senzaki. Mike was raised in San Francisco but now lives in Los Angeles. Miles Makes his living as a jazz drummer. As a drummer, Senz is able lay down live rhythm tracks and layer them with instruments such as the Fender Rhodes, Moog synthesizers, electric bass, electric & acoustic guitar, turntable scratching.

01. Introfluction
02. Laydee Aberlynn
03. Restless Mind Syndrome
04. Downpour
05. Camera Obscura
06. Boundary Waters
07. Transbay Tube
08. Deckard's Tube
09. City Cell


You can buy this off of his page. So make sure you support dude and cop this joint.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Aether - Artifacts


01. Forgive Me
02. Dejame Dormir
03. To Her
04. Milla Ann
05. Anywhere
06. It Was
07. Autumn Pisces
08. Orfeu Negro
09. Reflection
10. Variance
11. Rain Or Shine
12. Caparra
13. Damn Un
14. Beso
15. Makeshift Santuary

You can buy the album from his MySpace page.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Afta-1 - Aftathought Vol. 1


01. Quest
02. Pluto Moon
03. Believe
04. Banilla Bean
05. Candy Box (Interlude)
06. The Facts
07. Escape
08. Honey Dip
09. The Gaze
10. Stellar Suzie
11. La Samba3

Afta-1 - The Time In Between / Nightlight (Beat 45 #4) (7")


The Time In Between

If you like what you hear make sure you cop both these joints. You can get them over at Afta-1's Myspace

Saturday, 6 December 2008

New Sene Tracks

Sene - BabiesNeedDaddies (Produced By Blu)

Sene - Like Father Like Son (Produced By Erik L)

Sene - Whateva Wheneva (Produced By Erik L)

Friday, 5 December 2008


Thought I'd hit y'all off with a whole heap of Oddisee. Case you don't know Oddisee, real name Amir Mohamed, is a Washington D.C. based Emcee and producer and is also part of the Low Budget Collective which is a bunch of D.C. based musicians that includes Cy Young, Ken Starr, Kev Brown to name but a few.

Oddisee - Instrumental Mixtape Volume One

01. Head High
02. Rhyme And Reason
03. So Many places
04. Gotta Pay
05. Lakeside
06. Kryton Kraft
07. Down With The King
08. Road Trip
09. D.O.A.
10. Basementality
11. Loing Time Coming
12. Stop And Listen
13. Yesterday
14. Rufus
15. Ability
16. If
17. Flute Groove
18. Need Some Lovin'
19. Life After Love
20. Downtown Hustle
21. Quest To Find
22. Gonna Be
23. Lava Lamp
24. Flower Child

Oddisee - Instrumental Mixtape Volume Two

01. Stylin'
02. Brother
03. She Remembers
04. Chuck Brown
05. V3
06. Iz U Wit It
07. The Walls
08. Hey
09. Trust (Remix)
10. Who Has The Time
11. Bring Back
12. Hindsight
13. Listen
14. Love At First Site
15. Funk For You!
16. Free Fall
17. Seachin'
18. Hear My Dear
19. Hottness
20. The Quickening
21. Soul Clap (Remix)
22. Newtimers
23. Raw Year
24. As The World Turns

Oddisee - Foot In The Door

01. Intro
02. Quest To Find
03. Big Bidness
04. Industry Ills
05. Such Is Life
06. Muzik Lounge
07. Show You
08. Keep On
09. The Answer
10. Beats N' Rhymes
11. Four Seasons Feat. Oliver Daysoul
12. Brother
13. Mics, Glamour, Action
14. Nitefall
15. Real Music
16. I Am Not Him
17. Nothing Sweet
18. Just Want To Know
19. Part Of The World
20. Posed To Be
21. Butcher's Back
22. Thinking Out Loud
23. Head High
24. Long Time Coming
25. Price To Pay Feat. Asheru, Kenn Starr & Darien Brockington
26. Boogie Feat. J-Live & Asheru
27. Propa Feat. Tranqill & Oliver Daysoul
28. Gentrification
29. Gully Feat. XO & YU
30. Radio Talk Feat. Sin & Trek Life
31. Cars And Jewelry Feat. Oliver Daysoul
32. Let It Slide Feat. Unknown
33. In Check Feat. Kenn Starr & Supastition
34. Once Again Feat. Kev Brown & Freddie Foxxx

Trek Life & Oddisee - All Times

01. Intro
02. Black Music Feat. J. Bizness
03. Hard Work
04. Hold Me Down Feat. Champ MC
05. Long Time Coming
06. So Good
07. I'm Gone
08. Mind Right
09. All Times
10. Price I've Paid
11. Big Picture
12. We Still Here
13. Get High
14. Last Joint
15. Enjoy Your Self

Ave. To (Oddisee, Unknown, Kolia) - Three Way Intersection

01. Mama's Koolaid
02. Sand To The Beach
03. Mass Transit
04. Cuba Libra
05. Gallery Place
06. Natural
07. Cuz Of U
08. Glow Nights
09. Abuja
10. Future Funk
11. Loin De Toi
12. Stank
13. Xess
14. Unmandyax
15. As The World Turns

Oddisee - Good Tree EP

01. Holding It Back Feat. Motion Man
02. Probably That White Feat. JasCat
03. Holding It Back (Instrumental)
04. Probably That White (Instrumental)
05. Nite Life
06. Shadows
07. Drugs Outside Feat. Rapper Pooh, Black Milk, Huston, DJ Romes (Album Only Bonus Track)
08. Drugs Outside (Instrumental) (Album Only Bonus Track)

Oddisee - 101

01. iRap
02. Claim To Fame
03. Do Our Thing Feat. Substantial & Iomos Marad
04. The Supplier Feat.
05. Once Upon A Mic
06. A Song for That
07. The Perch Feat. Phonte, Tor & Flying Lotus
08. Delusional Feat. Little Brother
09. Money On the Clock feat. Roddy Rod
10. Endure (2 Fish Remix) Feat. MED, Georgia Anne Muldrow & Rapper Big Pooh
11. Chocolate City Dreaming
12. 95 North Feat. Lo-G, Akir & Enigma
13. Ride'n (feat. XO)
14. Soul Clap Feat. Aziz, Jean Grae, Phonte & Josh Collins
15. Play It Safe
16. All Because She's Gone Feat. Phonte
17. Camera

Oddisee - 102

01. The Beginning Feat. Hezekiah & Muhsinah
02. Memory Lane (Oddisee Remix)
03. Represent Feat. Kenn Starr & Akir
04. Life's Pie Feat. Don Will, Fresh Daily, Finale
05. Sand to the Beach
06. Random Verse Feat. Kev Brown
07. Chain Letter Feat. Kay, Zion I, Brew, The Are
08. Book Of Days Feat. SoulStice
09. iHate Rap Feat YU
10. Can I Catch A Break Feat. Unknown & Mudd
11. I'm Gone (Remix) Feat. Trek Life
12. Searchin' Feat. Yu
13. Bonus Beat

Peter Rosenberg Presents - A Rosenberg Oddisee

01. Gratitude Feat. Torae and Tiara Wiles
02. So Mafuckin Soulful Feat. Skyzoo
03. Jealous Niggas Feat. Daytona
04. World War IV Feat. Saigon & Lil Fame
05. Where I Be At Feat. Buckshot
06. Tell The Truth Feat. Nikki Jean

Oddisee's Myspace:

And remember if you like what you hear go support the artist and cop the joints.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

The UN - UN Or U Out

The UN are 4 cats from Long Island, Roc-Marciano, Dino Brave, Mike Raw & Laku. I remember first hearing them on Pete Rock's "Petestrumentals" This is a real raw, grimey album that has your head nodding from start to finish. Featuring production from themselves, Pete Rock & Large Professor.

1. Buildin (Intro)
2. Mind Blowin
3. D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival)
4. Avenue
5. What They Want
6. P. Money (Set Up)
7. Golden Grail
8. Ain't No Thang
9. Monsta
10. Get Yo XXXXX
11. Russian Hat Wear (Cold Money Remix)
12. Shake Down
13. The Art (Interlude)
14. Game of Death (GOD Version)

You can buy it from here

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

More From Heralds Of Change

Here's two more releases From Heralds Of Change. Look down the page and you'll find two of their other EP's. Real dope stuff from these guys so enjoy

Heralds Of Change (Hudson Mohawke & Mike Slott) - Show You

01. Track 01
02. Track 02
03. Track 03
04. Track 04
05. Track 05
06. Track 06

And you can buy it from here.

Heralds Of Change (Hudson Mohawke & Mike Slott) - Sittin' On The Side

1. Sittin' On The Side Feat. Oddisee & Unknown
2. Sittin' On The Side (Instrumental)
3. Callin' Shots
4. Rock Wit You Feat. Unknown & Mudd
5. Roc With You Instrumental
6. Ridin' Chrome

And you can buy it from here.

Track From Legacy's Upcoming Mixtape "NC Chainsaw Massacre"

Track from Legacy's upcoming mixtape "NC Chainsaw Massacre" That drops December 10th.

L.E.G.A.C.Y. - That Me Shit Feat. Sean Boog (Produced By Khrysis)

Monday, 1 December 2008


Here's a few joints (All his LP's, two solo and his colabs) from super beatmaker Onra coming out of Paris. If you like these joints they call be purchased over at Onra's Myspace at

Onra And Quetzal Present Tribute

01. Settle Back
02. Ready
03. In My Place
04. On A Sunny Day
05. Far From Here
06. Dans Mon Bus
07. Gotta Have It
08. About You
09. You Don't Have To Go
10. Kofi
11. Let Me Know
12. Misunderstood
13. Ya Fohi
14. Art And Politics
15. Music Machine
16. Enla Calle
17. Brenton's Revenge
18. Feelin' Blue
19. 476 Pourcent
20. Stop (Walk On By)
21. Dirty Roots (Interlude)
22. Wait
23. Come Back, I Don't Love You
24. This Is How I Feel Right Now
25. Allright
26. What's That (Interlude)
27. Caramel Dream
28. Traces (Interlude)
29. Give Something
30. Don't
31. Tranqu Ile
32 C'est Pour Toi
33. Viva La Tristeza
34. Sorry
35. Managuas Brother

Tribute Is a collaboration between Onra and fellow French producer Quetzal. In Onra's words "A hip-hop tribute to soul music. Soulful instrumentals that sound like hip-hop remixes to soul songs from late 60's to late 70's"

***Links removed on the request of Onra***

Byron And Onra - The Big Pay Back

01. It's You (Intro)
02. Dance With Me
03. Return
04. Sleeping Pills Feat. Peter Hadar
05. Word Up
06. Blueberry Weed Feat Isis
07. Mr. Suave
08. Love Feat. Neco Redd
09. Carribean Vibes Feat. Julien Marc
10. Blush Feat Isis
11. Cosmic Take Off
12. Words From The Wise (Outro)
13. The World Feat. Dal Gren (Bonus Track)

The Big Payback is a collaboration between Onra and pianist Byron The Aquarius who's from Alabama. Byron played Fender Rhodes and synths whilst Onra Programmed the beats. They met on Myspace and started working together literally overnight, and made 30 + tracks in just a few months.

***Links removed on the request of Onra***

Onra - Chinoiseries

01. Introduction
02. The Anthem
03. Chop Your Hands
04. Relax In Mui Ne
05. Naughty Hottie (Interlude)
06. Eat Dog
07. Last Tango In Saigon
08. Apocalypse Now
09. I Wanna Go Back
10. Full Back Pack
11. War
12. Lesson With The Master
13. Dark Sea
14. Phuoc Dat (Interlude)
15. Boudless Boundaries
16. What Up Duyet
17. Welcome To V.N.
18. Here Come The Flutes
19. The Vallee Of Love
20. Smoking Buddha
21. Clap Clap
22. Bounce (Interlude)
23. Live From Hue
24. Where's My Longan
25. Take A Ride
26. Raw
27. The Ritual
28. Cymbal Oelek
29. Third Sword (Interlude)
30. One Day
31. They Got Breaks Too
32. Hope

Chinoiseries was started in August 2006 When Onra returned from a trip to Viet Nam, the land of his grandparents. Being the vinyl junkie he is, he almost felt obliged to return to France with some vinyl. After hours spent riding on a motorbike in Saigon streets, a taxi finally helped him find some old Asian records. After returning to France with almost 30 vinyls, almost all in bad condition he set to work, using samples he wasn't used to

***Links removed on the request of Onra***

Onra - 1.0.8

01. Bombs
02. The Spy
03. Interlude 1
04. Porn
05. Hit The Bong
06. Disco
07. Nadiya Nice
08. Dirty Loop
09. Hard Times
10. Interlude 2
11. Come Closer (Kicks & Claps Edit)
12. Super Genesis Feat. H├Ązel
13. Dreams
14. Interlude 3
15. Haterproof
16. Move
17. Beef
18. Reminisce
19. Outro

***Links removed on the request of Onra***