Thursday, 4 December 2008

The UN - UN Or U Out

The UN are 4 cats from Long Island, Roc-Marciano, Dino Brave, Mike Raw & Laku. I remember first hearing them on Pete Rock's "Petestrumentals" This is a real raw, grimey album that has your head nodding from start to finish. Featuring production from themselves, Pete Rock & Large Professor.

1. Buildin (Intro)
2. Mind Blowin
3. D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival)
4. Avenue
5. What They Want
6. P. Money (Set Up)
7. Golden Grail
8. Ain't No Thang
9. Monsta
10. Get Yo XXXXX
11. Russian Hat Wear (Cold Money Remix)
12. Shake Down
13. The Art (Interlude)
14. Game of Death (GOD Version)

You can buy it from here

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