Monday, 1 December 2008


Here's a few joints (All his LP's, two solo and his colabs) from super beatmaker Onra coming out of Paris. If you like these joints they call be purchased over at Onra's Myspace at

Onra And Quetzal Present Tribute

01. Settle Back
02. Ready
03. In My Place
04. On A Sunny Day
05. Far From Here
06. Dans Mon Bus
07. Gotta Have It
08. About You
09. You Don't Have To Go
10. Kofi
11. Let Me Know
12. Misunderstood
13. Ya Fohi
14. Art And Politics
15. Music Machine
16. Enla Calle
17. Brenton's Revenge
18. Feelin' Blue
19. 476 Pourcent
20. Stop (Walk On By)
21. Dirty Roots (Interlude)
22. Wait
23. Come Back, I Don't Love You
24. This Is How I Feel Right Now
25. Allright
26. What's That (Interlude)
27. Caramel Dream
28. Traces (Interlude)
29. Give Something
30. Don't
31. Tranqu Ile
32 C'est Pour Toi
33. Viva La Tristeza
34. Sorry
35. Managuas Brother

Tribute Is a collaboration between Onra and fellow French producer Quetzal. In Onra's words "A hip-hop tribute to soul music. Soulful instrumentals that sound like hip-hop remixes to soul songs from late 60's to late 70's"

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Byron And Onra - The Big Pay Back

01. It's You (Intro)
02. Dance With Me
03. Return
04. Sleeping Pills Feat. Peter Hadar
05. Word Up
06. Blueberry Weed Feat Isis
07. Mr. Suave
08. Love Feat. Neco Redd
09. Carribean Vibes Feat. Julien Marc
10. Blush Feat Isis
11. Cosmic Take Off
12. Words From The Wise (Outro)
13. The World Feat. Dal Gren (Bonus Track)

The Big Payback is a collaboration between Onra and pianist Byron The Aquarius who's from Alabama. Byron played Fender Rhodes and synths whilst Onra Programmed the beats. They met on Myspace and started working together literally overnight, and made 30 + tracks in just a few months.

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Onra - Chinoiseries

01. Introduction
02. The Anthem
03. Chop Your Hands
04. Relax In Mui Ne
05. Naughty Hottie (Interlude)
06. Eat Dog
07. Last Tango In Saigon
08. Apocalypse Now
09. I Wanna Go Back
10. Full Back Pack
11. War
12. Lesson With The Master
13. Dark Sea
14. Phuoc Dat (Interlude)
15. Boudless Boundaries
16. What Up Duyet
17. Welcome To V.N.
18. Here Come The Flutes
19. The Vallee Of Love
20. Smoking Buddha
21. Clap Clap
22. Bounce (Interlude)
23. Live From Hue
24. Where's My Longan
25. Take A Ride
26. Raw
27. The Ritual
28. Cymbal Oelek
29. Third Sword (Interlude)
30. One Day
31. They Got Breaks Too
32. Hope

Chinoiseries was started in August 2006 When Onra returned from a trip to Viet Nam, the land of his grandparents. Being the vinyl junkie he is, he almost felt obliged to return to France with some vinyl. After hours spent riding on a motorbike in Saigon streets, a taxi finally helped him find some old Asian records. After returning to France with almost 30 vinyls, almost all in bad condition he set to work, using samples he wasn't used to

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Onra - 1.0.8

01. Bombs
02. The Spy
03. Interlude 1
04. Porn
05. Hit The Bong
06. Disco
07. Nadiya Nice
08. Dirty Loop
09. Hard Times
10. Interlude 2
11. Come Closer (Kicks & Claps Edit)
12. Super Genesis Feat. H├Ązel
13. Dreams
14. Interlude 3
15. Haterproof
16. Move
17. Beef
18. Reminisce
19. Outro

***Links removed on the request of Onra***

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