Sunday, 30 November 2008

Heralds Of Change (Hudson Mohawke & Mike Slott)

Heralds Of Change are Hudson Mohawke from Glasgow, Uk and Mike Slott from Dublin, Ireland. I've upped two of their EP's for you listening pleasure so enjoy y'all.

Heralds Of Change (Hudson Mohawke & Mike Slott) - Secrets

01. Bopgunn Feat. Oliver Daysoul
02. Bopgunn (Instrumental)
03. Be Out There Feat. Oddisee & Trek Life
04. Stay Cool Feat. Oddisee & Trek Life
05. Stay Cool (Instrumental)
06. Trip Fall Feat. Oddisee, Trek Life And Unknown

Heralds Of Change (Hudson Mohawke & Mike Slott) - Puzzles

01 Phewture
02 Asswank
03 Muse
04 Spotted
05 Winery
06 Work That

Make sure you head over to and cop both of these joints.


*tool* said...

hey illest of ill bro could you PLEASE upload heralds of change to ANYTHING but rapidshare?! aside from that i dig your blog! awesome taste in tunage!


bigdubbs said...

any chance of a re-up man?
dope work regardless.

lord vegan said...

yes, please re-up these pieces.