Monday, 5 January 2009

I was diggin' through some of my old CD's earlier and came across this Drum 'N' Bass gem. Most of the UK heads on here will already know who Reprazent are. They are made up of Roni Size, DJ Die, Krust, DJ Suv, Onallee, Dynamite MC, Rob Merrill & Si John. This album won the Mercury Music Prize back in 1997. They are one of the few acts that have took Drum 'N' Bass to a live performance and actually pulled it off, and not just pulled it off, they've smashed it big time.

Reprazent - New Forms


01. Railing
02. Brown Paper Bag
03. New Forms
04. Lets Get It On
05. Digital
06. Matter Of Fact
07. Mad Cat
08. Heroes
09. Share The Fall (Full Vocal Mix)
10. Watching Windows
11. Beatbox
12. Morse Code
13. Destination

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Who is Davey "Shindig"? said...

cheers from nagoya! this cd was stolen from me years back, and now it is mine again.